Made to Measure (MTM): refers to the process of customizing a base/standard pattern to an individual’s needs.

E.g: If your measurements are outside the range of what the 40R was built to, the master tailor will modify the existing/standard patterns (40R) to take your body shape differences into account, such as the circumference and length of the jacket or the shoulder width. Generally, you have the initial fitting where measurements are taken, and fabric selection and design is completed. Upon the completion of the garment and based on customer preference, you will have a second fitting where any adjustments are addressed. The garment is now tailored in-house to deliver on your vision. MTM Clients work directly with expert advisors to design and measure their garments. This information is then forwarded to the master tailor/production manager/ lead cutter. The finished product is sent back to your advisor to have you try on (Second fitting).

Bespoke: A brand new pattern is created for each individual. A base pattern is not used and then modified. Achieving a bespoke suit will require multiple fittings between the first and final fitting which can take up to 8 weeks to complete. At each stage of construction, the garment’s measurements are checked to ensure the best fitting garment. Another key difference in the bespoke process is that you work directly with the Master tailor who will be cutting your garment and doing the needlework.

 Cloth Talk Inc. offers a made to measure process that embodies the bespoke process. Our team of experienced advisors will ensure the absolute best fit for each individual. Our in depth measuring process involves over 25 unique measurements for a Suit. Our design options will leave you excited to come back and design another 1 of 1 garment. Our design options include but not limit you to the following: Fabric, Lining and button selection, collar felt, Pockets, Vent style, lapel type, number on buttons on sleeves, working button holes, pleats on trousers, belt loops or adjustable waist tabs…etc.

We prioritize the quality and craftmanship of our garments and the accuracy of measurements provided/delivered. Although some garments may get crafted sooner, we usually require a 4-6 week turn around time from the initial fitting to the final product.

We pride ourselves in delivering on your vision by using the absolute best manufacturers the world has to offer. Our garments are all made by our master tailors in Canada, Italy and Portugal. During your first visit, our team will determine what program/partner suits you best and educate you on why.

We source the best fabrics mills around the globe. Our fabrics sourcing partners include: Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Scabal, Thomas Mason, Dormeuil, Carnet, Holland and Sherry and more. 

  1. Consultation: Each garment we create with you is extremely special. As such, we use this initial phase of the process to get know you and your lifestyle. This includes understanding your needs/wants from each garment. Your personal character should be expressed in the fabric and reflected in the styling options such as the lining and buttons you choose. We will guide and educate you through the process, but you are the designer in charge. We only ask you to follow one rule: Have fun!
  2. Initial Fitting: During your first fitting, we will have you try on different patterns to determine the closest fitting garment. Once you have the garments on, we study elements of your body shape and posture. We note down the changes we would like to make on our detailed work order. This will ensure a garment designed to fit and flatter your body.
  3. Fabric Selection: The Fabric you select to create your garment from will vary based on the intended needs for it. Whether you need a formal or business suit or something for fun and relaxation, our fabric library makes it easy for you offering a variety of weights, weaves and patters to suit your every function.
  4. Cut and Finish: Our partner manufacturers use leading technology by advanced computers to cut each individual garment according to the individual’s unique measurements. This innovative process provides a superior accuracy. Your garment is put together by a team of tailors ensuring a well-balanced garment. Finishing touches such as hand sewed button holes and floating canvases are implemented based on your requests. The finished product is thoroughly inspected to ensure exceptional quality.
  5. Second Fitting: Upon the arrival of the finished garments, our next step in to have you come in for a second try on. If needed, we will address any further adjustments the garment requires and have one of our skilled in-house tailors to alter and deliver the finished look.
  6. Look and Feel your most confident self walking out of our studio. If you’re like most our clients, you won’t wait to place an immediate second order.

We offer complimentary alterations until you are 100% satisfied with your finished garment before you wear it. We also understand how difficult it is to part with certain special pieces in your wardrobe. By popular demand, we are extending an alteration service for any of our clients that would like us to inspect any garments they have purchased elsewhere and determine if we can have our tailors alter them to fit better. In respect to our professional tailors, we ask you to please dry clean your garments before we have them altered.

We are always working to provide you with the most value through our partnerships with fabric mills. As such, we offer an exceptional selection of promotional fabrics to select from every season. In addition, we have exclusive events where we offer additional value to our supporters. Please let us know if you’d like to be invited to any of these events or if you would like to hear about our promotions when they happen.